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Ship Sales and Marketing

National Maritime Services and its affiliate, National Liquidators, have extensive experience marketing and selling both commercial vessels and pleasure yachts. The companies have a thorough understanding of the legal ramifications, court proceedings, sales procedures, marshal’s sales, claim actions, and other procedures that are incidental to the sale of arrested and recovered marine collateral.
For collateral that will be auctioned at a court-ordered sale, National’s ultimate goal is to maximize the number of legitimate bidders attending the sale. In order to accomplish this goal, the company successfully utilizes the following marketing methods:

Internet Marketing & Sales by way of several proprietary, interactive websites, including www.yachtauctions.com and www.vesselarrest.com. These websites generate in excess of two million page views each month, attracting potential buyers and participating brokers from around the world.

For vessels that are not being sold through a court-ordered sale, these sites utilize an innovative and efficient sealed-bid online auction approach to maximize sales proceeds. The company sells several commercial vessels and nearly 2,000 yachts each year, with 40% of these sales to international buyers.

Professional, Licensed Brokerage Staff marketing directly to commercial vessel purchasers through established relationships with ship buyers and dealers throughout the world. Sales brochures are systematically distributed to hundreds of potential buyers, including ship operators, owners and ship sales brokers.

Extensive Advertising through multiple media sources directed at the commercial marine market. National leverages its buying volume to pass on significant advertising discounts to clients. Marketing materials include:

  • Production of a vessel-specific sales brochure, in both electronic and print version, for distribution to potential buyers. These brochures are a compilation of the build information and technical specifications, including class certifications, current survey and pictures.
  • Magazine and periodical advertising placements. For major sales, National develops an advertising schedule and ad copy specifically designed around likely buyers for a particular ship.