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G. Robert Toney Chairman and Founder

G. Robert Toney has created an innovative model offering integrated aircraft and marine products including seizure assistance and custody services, and collateral sales. Under his leadership, National Maritime Services has become a global leader in its fields of expertise.

Toney shares his enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for the business at speaking engagements and educational workshops for bankers, attorneys and law enforcement personnel at conferences around the world. In 2007, Toney was named “South Florida Business Leader of the Year.”


Alan Swimmer President

Alan Swimmer is a finance industry veteran with over 25 years of experience. He is responsible for oversight of operations, long-term planning, and relationship management. Prior to employment with National, Swimmer successfully operated and sold two well-known specialty finance loan platforms, having managed the origination of over $4 billion in aircraft, yacht, and recreational vehicle loans and the acquisition of several specialty loan portfolios. Originally a Certified Public Accountant, he draws on his varied business experience to advise law firms, lenders, and government agencies.


Bill O'Dell Vice President of Operations

Bill O'Dell combines his lengthy experience at sea with a commitment to operational excellence. He oversees relations with US Marshals and other clients while managing all seizure and custodial activity. A retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer, O’Dell is also responsible for management of government custody contracts, including the US Departments of Justice and Treasury.


NMS Staff Training & Certification

All National Maritime Services personnel are licensed in accordance with local requirements and pass and adhere to a rigorous training program which requires:

  • Background checks
  • State certification
  • One-year internship
  • Internal training and mentoring
  • Safety and operation qualification testing
  • Periodic drug testing
  • Legal training